Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Grumpy old men...

When I left the business world to be a full time mommy I was excited to get away from the "Good Ol'Boy's Club." I was quite sick of the way I was treated because I was the female in the office. The ONLY female in the office most of the time. They had their little things, and that was fine. But they made sure to take care of each other and didn't take care of the one who did everything.... That would be me.....

I am back in a venture now, once again in a male dominated business. Oh gosh, what was I thinking?! It is a commission based situation, which is fine, and great, and has amazing potential... Once I start getting paid... For now, this is the beginning of month 3.... I am learning that the person that I am having to work with most, is someone who is paid on salary and has very little tact. I work very hard to be tactful and diplomatic in my correspondence. (I know, this may be hard to believe. I am much better at written correspondence. It takes more time, I don't feel rushed, so it comes out much better than when I am upset and just blurt stuff out.) Its business, not personal, so attacking his character is not appropriate. I just ask for the same respect.

I take time to make sure I am doing things properly and thoroughly. I am not perfect by any means and will make mistakes. But it makes me want to throw in the towel and do something that I know I will be paid for.

Gosh... Why do I continue to get sucked in to these new business ventures and work for free?! I guess I like feeling needed by someone other than my sweet little people and my man. Like I am still relevant. I am a sucker for an ego boost I guess...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Long Lost Friends

So the other day I was looking at an old friends wedding photo's, sad really that I wasn't invited to come, blaming myself for not being a good friend. I am bad at keeping in touch. I don't really call and talk to people. I am not very good at writing... Wow, what a lame friend I am. Then I started thinking about how in some cases, the relationship is dead because someone else interjected, told lies, or felt like they needed to be the center of attention. Or how there were pangs of jealousy. And while I was having my little poor me pitty party, how I suck so bad and its all my fault that I allowed these friendships to end, I had a really awesome realization. It goes both ways! Wait a tick! They have phones too. Why is it my sole responsibility to make all of the phone calls, write all the emails, host all the dinners? Its not! And I guess if they were concerned with me being in their lives then they would have made the effort too. Is this a part of growing up? Learning that not everything is my fault.... that the world doesn't revolve around me? lol... Damn Right! So cheers to those wonderful people who have graced my life and made an impact, if only for a short time. If our paths happen to cross again, then we can both be blessed for it. If not, then at least we have had the chance to be there if just for a short time.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So.. I am sitting here with all of these things I want to write about... Our summer in California working on my grandma's house... How the internet has become a place where we all (myself not excluded) continue to hurt one another by our facebook posts and blogs, whether intentional or not.... How crazy nervous and anxious I am that my husband is leaving for 20 months in September... That I am starting school again, full time in August... That my sister is moving back to California and I want to go too... That I miss my mom even more now that I know just what I am missing... That my beautiful daughter and son are amazing, and that at 7 months she is crawling, sitting up on her own, and pushing herself up to stand and starting what will become patty-cake, and he has an amazing vocabulary and is just a sweet happy boy that for the most part is so fun to be around... That it drives me insane that American citizens are not completely embracing what made this country great in the first place, are taking advantage of the system and are not standing up for what we believe in... That the minority continues to bully the rest of us, and if we don't succumb to what they say, then we are bigots... That people will not claim being "American", instead they have to throw their previous heritage in. You know, most of us do not say " I am an Irish, Scottish, English, Native American American". we just say, I am an American. I say, if you yourself did not start in a different country and you were born here, then drop the prefix and just say you are an American! ... That it makes me sad when beautiful relationships are ruined because of miss-communication, or selfishness, or misunderstandings... That I really hope those who love my husband, regardless of any previous frustrations, will be willing to write him a letter or two when he is in Basic Training and AIT. He is really going to need the love and support from family and friends, and I am sure he will get sick of reading my letters, lol... and world peace!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our New Adventure

Ricky has joined the National Guard. The Army National Guard to be exact. It is a process that has been long and frustrating. Hoops to be jumped through, many Dr. Appt's to get cleared, but through it all, he is in! We had expected that he would get sworn in, and get his orders to ship out to boot camp immediately. We prepared for it, really. So when he got sworn in and his orders weren't until Sept, we were a little shocked, frustrated, and at a loss as to what we would do until he took off...

We had decided that the best thing for me to do, while he is gone, is to sell the house and live with family. That way I would have a better chance at adult interaction at least once a day, if even it is a hello, and would be less likely to start talking to television characters. So at this point, through one way or another, we are moving out of our house May 26th and are going to go to California for a couple months. We are going to help my mom clean out my grandma's house so that in November it can be rented out. (that is going to be a lot of work when it comes down to it...) We will be back in Utah in August so that Ricky can spend the last month with family and friends. Hopefully lots of BBQ's and good times.

He will go Sept 8th for processing, where they will get him all set up in the system, make sure his heart still beats, and he is still good for basic training (boot camp). He will be in basic for 10 weeks, then we get to go out for his Graduation. He will then go directly to AIT... where he will learn to work on Apache's and the guns that go on them. Perfect for him right? He is so excited. He will be gone in VA doing that until May of 2011. Now, originally we were told that he was set to deploy to Afghanistan at the end of 2011... but just a couple weeks ago he was talking to a neighbor/friend, who actually happens to be over his unit, and was told that one thing has led to another, and they are 99% going to Iraq in June of 2011.... So.... yeah... He is going to be gone for almost a full two years. Thank goodness for Skype!

I am not sure where I will end up with the kids. Our hopes are that if I don't end up living with family, that at least I can be close enough to our family to have support. I am up for the challenge of being a single mom for a couple years (i think), but I am going to need a time out every once in a while. I would like to be able to go to the movies, or get my hair cut, or do those things that are less conducive with little ones. That is the only thing that makes me nervous, is that I will become a hermit. So here's the heads up for those out there.... When I seem to go into my little dark place, please force me out.

I am so excited for Ricky to do this, because he is so excited. I am so happy that he has found something that he is excited about doing. I wish I would have encouraged him to do it sooner. But here we are. Ready or not! I know we will all be okay!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bent Fork

So, I promised I would continue to write about those places that win me over... Here is a new one for you. The Bent Fork in St. George on Bluff, close to Sunset... Claims Italian southwest dining. First, the hostess, seeing that we had a toddler and an infant in car seat, gave us the biggest booth to spread out in... Then, the waitress brought us waters, with a child's cup and a baggie of crackers for Brandon. Then when she came back, she made the most amazing recomendation which led to me eating the BEST Salmon dish of my life... and she made sure to put Brandon's order in first and separate so that his food came out quickly. Little things like making sure our waters were filled and that we were happy. Also, in the women's restroom there was a changing table... not the hard plastic one on the wall, but a full changing table like the one I have in Katelynn's room... It is a nicer place, and they make sure to cater to younger families. The prices were reasonable, the service phenomenal, and the food exceptional.

Bent Fork, You are my new favorite! Thank you!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Raving Fan!!!

So I am HUGE on customer service right? When I feel like something is bad, I generally will say something... When I love something, I will for sure say something... So I am going to make sure that from now on, when I have an amazing experience, I document it here...

Albertson's (which is now Ridley's on 1600 N Orem):
I had returned home a couple of times when we got home and the product we had purchased was damaged or had gone bad... So the end of the rope for me was when I was in the middle of making dinner, Katelynn asleep, Brandon playing, Ricky working, and I open the brand new sour cream I had just purchased and the seal was broken and it was nasty! I wasn't in the position to go get a fresh one, and I had everything halfway done and was frustrated the the whole thing was a waste... So I called Albertson's and spoke with the manager. I explained my frustration, very nicely, but just that lately our experiences have not been very good... She apologized, and insisted that they deliver a fresh sour cream to my home asap so I could save dinner.. (I really felt bad then... I hadn't gotten angry, just told of my frustrations... but she wouldn't take no)

Not 10 minutes later, someone from Albertson's was at my door with a sour cream and a loaf of french bread... WOW! I am very impressed that they were so willing and ready to make it right, and the small gesture of the loaf of bread went a long way. WAY TO GO ALBERTSONS!


Clean Green Carpet Cleaning:
While I used to be a hard core Zerorez fan... well, because I worked for them... I decided to try out a new company.. And when I say new, they are brand new... Couple of young guys trying to bust into the business. Now I want to start this out with... I hate my carpets.. I wouldn't walk on them without socks on. They just looked dingy and dirty and I hated them... And the tile in my kitchen, the grout was almost black... I clean my floors all the time, but the grout for some reason holds on to the dirt, and sorry... I am not going to do my entire kitchen on my hands and knees... So they cleaned my travertine as well.... OH MY GOSH!!!! AMAZING!!!! My carpet looks brand new (minus where the fiber has been worn down from traffic... but it is clean flat carpet), and the grout is fully restored to it's gorgeous tan color! And while I won't say how much I paid, or didn't pay, the price cannot be beaten by any stanley steamer or rug doctor. Thank you guys for making my time spent in my home so much better! ( i will never buy light carpet again, but for now at least I know it can stay light and clean) Thank you Clean Green!

I have another one I want to rave about... but it has slipped my mind for now... so when I remember I will write about it... and will update whenever I come across another one!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The PeePee Monster and adventures in Potty Training

So starting yesterday I began this great 3 day potty training system. You start out by having them throw out all the diapers, put on the big boy pants (none of the sissy pull ups or training pants) and go for it.... I won't bore with details on exactly the method... if you want to know, buy the book right? Anyway, so yesterday I stayed positive and encouraging the whole time, all the while thinking that the 20+ pairs of big boy underwear I bought were not going to last me through the day.

Lets just say that there were a lot of accidents... But... at 6 I woke him up, he had wet the bed once... we changed him, got him to try to go potty, then put him back in bed. When he woke up, totally dry... Not one accident until after 6 tonight, and it was because I tried to make him go on a regular toilet... which scares him still... He kept the one pair of underwear dry the entire day! He would look at me and say, "Mommy, Potty!" then we would go in and he would do his thing.... I am so proud of him! We had an issue with no #2's... until he got in the bath, then a screaming fit when I tried to get him to do that on his potty... but all in all, i am so proud of my little guy!

I worry that tomorrow it will all feel like a wonderful dream and we will be back having accidents... but i have faith that we won't! Now if I can just get him to Poop, then get him to go on a regular toilet so I can leave the house! (any suggestions on this would be great...)

Adventures in potty training! WOW!!! Its all about taking the time and having the attitude... and some kids will take longer, but keep with it! It will happen!